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Zoom Call: Kaleden Community Church Meets Again

Below was our invitation to gather.

If you would like to view a recording of our call together, please send me an email request!



Hello everyone,

Tomorrow morning, April 26th, we invite you to join with our online gathering.  We will begin our gathering at 10:00 am and if our technology is working, we will begin our planned worship and checking in with everyone at 10:05 am.  

You are invited to bring to this meeting a hand-held object, like a coffee mug or meaningful trinket.  This object will be used to hold up to the camera if you have something to say or share.  We hope to see you all there.

You can join via the internet (for full video involvement) or by phone (just audio).

If you would like to join in our ZOOM gathering on Sunday morning, wait until 10:00 am and then follow these steps:

To join online:

**The above link will likely put you straight into the meeting. If prompted, use the following ID/password:

Meeting ID: 797 9023 6364 Password: 026308

If you are joining the call with audio and video from a cell phone or tablet (iPad etc) download the app from the app store first. It’s free. Once you have the app you can simply click join a meeting and use the above ID and password.

To join by phone (audio only):

  1. Call this number: 778-907-2071

  2. Enter the meeting ID: 797 9023 6364, followed by the # key

  3. When you are asked for a participant number, just press the # key

  4. Enter the Password: 026308, followed by the # key

  5. You will be told you are in the meeting and Tamara will admit you Hope to see you all there 😊 Tamara and David


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