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Asking for money can be an awkward thing. The reality though is that Christianity isn't free. It comes with all sorts of costs and sacrifices. Some of those are financial. God set it up this way, He didn't want His people to rely on "stuff", rather, He wanted us to rely on Him. So giving is both worship, and it is the way we keep the lights on, and the pastor pastoring here at KCC. So if you've decided to financially support us, we thank you for believing and trusting in us, and being part of our mission.



While we are not able to meet in person, the daily expenses required to operate the church will continue.  You can continue to support KCC by submitting your offering through e-transfer to:


If you would prefer to drop off cash or cheque, please email the church and we can arrange for that.  As always, we thank everyone for all of their support over the last several months.  We have been blessed by such a generous community.  Your financial contributions, gifts of time, labour and friendship have allowed our church family to flourish during difficult times.  Thank you so much for your continued support.

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