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These aren't our members... they're just random people, but they're special to someone for sure

Membership in the local church congregation is a long and valuable tradition. For hundreds of years, Baptists across the world have recognized membership as both a privilege and a responsibility.


Therefore, membership has two requirements. First, that you recognize God the Father as the Creator of all things, God the Spirit as the breath of life in all things, and God the Son as the Saviour of all things. And second, that you recognize and value the things that Kaleden Community Church values. Things like love as a foundation, worship that seeks God, authentic and transparent leadership, and servanthood within and outside the KCC family.

Membership also has two responsibilities. The first is spiritual, the second is business, but both are missional. A member's spiritual responsibility is to take part in the life and worship of KCC. This will look different for different people, but it essentially means someone is a positive presence in the KCC family. Secondly, members have a responsibility to take part in the practical running of this church. Decisions will need to be made, finances will need to be reviewed, issues will need to be resolved, and unity will be sought. These are the things that undergird our life and worship at KCC and make our mission sustainable.

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