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Our Story

The community of Kaleden was birthed in the early years of the 1900’s. Settlers arrived to begin the work of planting orchards and developing the community which would be officially named Kaleden in 1909.

As the community grew, families began to gather in homes to worship and study the Word of God and in early 1910, Kaleden Baptist Church was organized. In April 1913 the church would find its permanent home on the corner of Lakehill Road and Pineview Avenue. April 6, 1913 marked the opening of the newly built church building.

100 years later, the community continues to gather for worship in that same building. For the last 100 years, the little church on the corner has been making a lasting difference in the place where the church lives - the community of Kaleden. The Church has endured, being served by visiting pastors, lay pastors, “retired” pastors, and part-time and full-time pastors.

The current pastor, David Ohori and his family, arrived during the 2020 summer of Covid. This season proved challenging but was also a catalyst for KCC to go digital. Now, along with in-person gatherings, our services can be seen each week anywhere in the world.


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