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In Days to Come...

This Call to Worship is based on Isaiah 2:1-5, which is a Lectionary passage for our first Sunday in Advent. Isaiah looks forward to the coming of the Messiah with prayer, prophecy, and poetry. Our Advent is similar; while Jesus has come, as Isaiah foretold, we are waiting for the return of Jesus.

In days to come

The church shall be bright, shining, and glorious,

as a light beaconing from on high.

And many will follow this invitation;

The doors will be flung wide and streams of people will flow like water:

Ebbing to receive the light

Flowing to saturate the soil of the earth.

It will be said in parks and playgrounds, in office towers and alleyways:

“Come, let us go to this light of life,

this is the way to live, for this we were made.”

And at last, everything will be changed:

The peace, which has been mere words,

will overcome fear and anxiety;

The carriers of war shall become transporters of food,

and the obsolete instruments of violence

shall be buried, forgotten,

or woven into ornate sculptures and monuments that say, “Nevermore.”


The light that comes from the church will be known as Jesus.

The world will sigh and say,

“We have been waiting for your return,

Welcome again to this World – Your World.”

And Jesus will say, “Peace be with you -

I have never left you.”

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