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A Picture of the New Creation

One of my hopes and dreams comes true every time we have a message that is coupled with the creation of art. To have artists creating and experiencing worship through touch, and providing a visible depiction for all to see, as we hear the words being spoken, becomes a feast for the worshiping senses.

In 2018 we first created a work of art on Easter morning. This year, for Easter morning, we once again created a work of art, and what made it even better than before, is that many hands created this piece. Two of our artists painted the frame, which is a cross reminiscent of a living tree. We were looking for a way to depict a cross that pointed towards resurrection, and so we have begun drawing crosses with arms reaching upwards and adding new life growing around it and within. This is where our kids joined in by drawing green sprouts and beautiful flowers. Together everyone made something beautiful – and that is a good representation of what the church should be!

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