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This page is dedicated to our teaching series on "Sacred Earth Sacred Soul". Here you will find book study guides that help foster collaborative learning. 
Also, the Sunday morning teachings have been compiled here for easier access.
(We've left the book study guide in .doc format for other groups to use and easily edit) 



Ch 08 - Sacred Compassion

KCC did not have a sermon for chapter 09. Instead, we reviewed each chapter and had open sharing.




Here is an explanation of our intent and motivation for the "Sacred Earth Sacred Soul" teaching series.

In some ways, Christians have been brainwashed. Over the last century, we are slowly awakening to the twisted doctrine established by the early Imperial church. It was a doctrine that supported assimilation and a dependence on the state church. Sacred Earth Sacred Soul is all about awakening to the sacredness of all creation. History has taught us what happens when we neglect the sacredness of, let's say, other races, certain genders, and the land. 


The Sacred Earth Sacred Soul teaching series is based on the book of the same name by John Philip Newell. 

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