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A sermon series about original sin, self-loathing, and the hopelessness

in trying to be lovable.

This page is dedicated to our teaching series "For the Love of God!" Here you will find the sermons that were taught over a two month period. Each sermon has an opportunity for reflection at the end. Please have a notepad and pen ready while you watch.

Episode 05 & 07 were private streams. Click on them to send us an email and request to watch. Permission will be on a case to case basis.





Here is an explanation of our intent and motivation behind the "For the Love God!" teaching series.

Have you ever been told by a church that your righteous deeds are like dirty rags (literally a used female sanitary cloth), or that you were born broken, a sinner, depraved, or destined for hell, unless...? Have you noticed that our society struggles with an epidemic of poor self-worth? For centuries, the Church has been teaching a doctrine of salvation and self-concept heavily influenced by the doctrine of original sin. But what if Augustine of Hippo got it wrong? Jesus never taught that we were born broken. What if putting our faith and loyalty in Jesus is less about fixing our brokenness and more about awakening to our true nature as creatures made in the Imago Dei (Image of God). God doesn't make crap. Why do we think he made an exception with us? This series opens the possibility that we are all born fully deserving of the love of God, and created for the love of God.  


The "For the Love of God!" teaching series is an original series imagined by Kaleden Community Church and written by David Ohori. 

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